Plastic Flowers

Tags: film, graphic, music video, vfx, director



What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
Is it just having heartbeat and legally being alive? Or it can be finding a silence breathing space to staying in your life.
People following and prying for religions, cause they want to reconsider the whole life to the brand new alive world.
The story is about a man who's "recalling his past" in hospital after his failed attempt to leap to his death after drug.
He loves music and using it to create "life", but when things start to lose control, the poison comes right after and takeover his everything, which force him to devote and turn himself into music, back to a world where they are the only existence.
Music becomes his belief and religion, but faces the collapse of ending, when the belief is lost, he can only fall down back into the reality, then staring at the sky at the end of the tall shaft, living the close, bed-within life.

Production House : Hi-Organic
Executive Producer : Han-Son Wang ( Prosperous Film )
Production Asst : Tsung-Che Kuo / Chine-Hsiang Chine

Director : Su

Assistant Director : Kamzo
Director of photography : Ying-Chih Chen ( Cosmos Film )
First Assistant Camera : Kenny Chen
Second Assistant Camera : Yung-Sen Lin / Jia-Yu Zhong
Lighting : Ming-Tsai Ma
Art Director : Chih - Da Kuo ( ADALA Design )
Art Asst : LivYe / Yu-Hsien Lee / Yun-Lu Chen / Yi-Hsuan Lin
Continuity Clerk : Lynn Jia-Lin  Lin / Ariel  Lin
Film Studio : Leader Asia Pacific Creativity Center

Post - Production House : Hi-Organic
Modeling : Xiang
Texture Artist : Daisuke Tanaka / Matt Liao
VFX Supervisor : Kai-Zhen Lee
Compositing Supervisor : Su
Compositing Artist : Jia-Bay Heh / Lynn Jia-Lin Lin
Typography : Joe Fang ( Joefang Studio )
Concept Setting : Kamzo
Storyboard Artist : Jia-bay Heh
Music : Z ( Salamander )
Assistant Editor : Way Tsai
Technical Support : James Chen

Special Thanks -
Ashin (Mayday)
Jennifer Hu
Muh  Chen
Born Lee
Qing - Yang  Xiao

( In English alphabetical order )
AngelBeat / April Wang / Albkiyoeva
Chin-Hsaing Hu / David Lin / Gavin Yin
Jason Lee / Jia-Hua Zhan / Ming-Yu Tsai
Marco Chen / Ming-Ming Hsieh / Ocean
Spinkee Lee / Sheep Wu / Tomohiro Okita
Tarou Yamamoto / Yohji Lin