If You Want Me

Tags: film, music video, director



AD.2016, a pop singer: Shiny crashed on every heart of the boys on earth, just like a comet.
Our boy was no different, though the way he expressed his love is  a little weird.
Shiny is the reason why he decided to become a Maker, thus he studied lots of knowledge about human body and mechanism designs.
He swore to build a Divine-like robot just like Shiny.
We don't know for sure if he can make it or not, afterall, he's really not that brilliant.
But we can believe that he's way of expressing his love to Shiny is truly the most unique one amonst the boys.
Copywriter : Universal records

Production House : Hi-Organic 有機像素
Post-Production House : Hi-Organic 有機像素

Director : Hi-Organic 有機像素

Line Producer : Hsieh Changer 謝承哲
Director of Photography : Huang Jun-Tuan 黃俊團
First Assistant camera : Shih-Mou Tu 塗士謀
Second Assistant Camera : Kevin Zhong 鐘楚雄
Stylist Fashion Designer : Lin Xiu Wei 林修瑋
Gaffer : 馬銘財
Electrician : 馬銘健 / 高煜盛 / 黃偉傑
Art director : Peter 江志
Art asst : Maik 徐榮呈 / Carter 亦竺
Make-up : Hikari Chang 張依庭
Hair Stylist : Hikari Chang 張依庭
Film Studio : 利達數位影音科技股份有限公司

Editor : Chili Chang 張立羣
Typography : Kamzo Liu 劉安儒
Storyboard Artist : Chili Chang 張立羣
VFX Supervisor : Way Tsai 蔡承威
3D Modeling : Matt Liao 廖千舜
CG Artist : Ricky Su 蘇宏修 / Chili Chang 張立羣 / Isabelle chen 陳威蓉 / Egghead Chao 趙曉賢
Compositing Supervisor : Ricky Su 蘇宏修
Color Grading : Zoe Lin 林柔以

Lyrics : J.Sheon
Composer : Mickey Lin 林欣彥